Dear friends,

A painting from my mother Eunice Park’s  Solstice  series

A painting from my mother Eunice Park’s Solstice series

Happy New Year. It's my favorite holiday because I love beginnings. I always have. It's why I like Mondays, equinoxes, solstices, new moons. I'm not afraid of fresh starts or starting over. I never go wild on New Year's Eve because, for me, this day sets the tone for my year. So I'd like to begin this new year by sharing what I'm grateful for. My last few personal updates on FB were rooted in pain and anger, written the day after the presidential election, and again after the Harvey Weinstein news broke. This will be my last personal post on Facebook, so I'd like to share what has been beautiful, for me and for my family, and what has filled me with gratitude, over the past year.

Last year, I became an aunt to what I must say is objectively a perfect little human. (Come at me if you want, I got that new aunt strength.) I also, as a result, got to watch my cherished baby brother become a tender, exemplary father and saw my sister-in-law become a giving and intuitive mother, while still pursuing her art. I got to watch my parents become grandparents—a mix of simultaneous delight and sorrow because few things show you the inexplicable and ceaseless passage of time than the face of the grandchild mirrored in that of the grandparent. And I'm grateful I can still see mine in my grandmother's.

I live in Los Angeles now and have fallen deeply in love with this messed-up, twisted, incredible place. New York made me a woman in her image but Los Angeles set that woman free. I've made new friends, which is harder to do the older you get, and cemented relationships with old ones. I live in a sun-drenched home I love. And after years in a dayjobby/entrepreneury wilderness during which I built things for others but not for myself, I finally feel as if my long-in-the-sights life as a writer and creator of meaningful work is back on track. 2018 gave me some much needed external validation to keep going, which all creators need to an extent, to make and to survive, and though I wasn't planning on giving up before, I'm certainly not giving up now.

And on the 11th day of the 11th month of our 11th year together, I proposed to my guy. It's been a winding road for this anti-marriage-longtimer but I'm a private person, so I'll sum it up simply. It became crucial to me that every single person in this world and beyond recognized us as blood—and that anything less was actually disrespectful of our relationship and the bond that we've built over a decade-plus of seeing and knowing and supporting each other. Simple as that.

Finally, in an effort to lessen my overall Internet usage, from here on out I will only be active here, on my personal website and Instagram. I'd love to stay in touch and if you feel the same, please swing by and say hey.

Thanks for being a friend to me here and in life. Hope to see you sometime in the latter. As I said, I'm in Los Angeles, and it's rare that I'd say no to a martini with a friend.

Sending you love and power and passion and fulfillment and total fucking fabulosity in 2019.