Sometime in 2001, a bunch of astronomers got together and wondered: what is the color of the universe? Apparently, if you take light samplings gathered from the 200 galaxies we have data from and “smeared” all those colors together to find an average, you’d get the color of this website: a “conditionally perceived beige.” They had a contest to name it—cute—and landed on Cosmic Latte, over Skyvory and Univeige, thankfully. Hex code FFF8E7.

I learned this via one of my favorite websites—Astronomy Picture of the Day, a NASA-run site where each frankly tremendous photo is accompanied by a brief and often wry explanation written by a professional astronomer. A few of my favorites: A Shipwreck at Moonset, Swirls and Colors on Jupiter from Juno, Saturn Behind the Moon, and Barnard 150: Seahorse in Cephus.


The photograph on my homepage was taken inside the historic Harvey House restaurant at Los Angeles Union Station. Designed by Mary Colter, one of the rare female architects to work prolifically throughout the 1920s, 30s and 40s, the restaurant was popular with soldiers shipping out during WWII.

During one of my past lives, I was in Los Angeles meeting potential clients. We were treated to a walkthrough of the Harvey House, which at the time had been closed for decades. It’s a pretty spectacular space, both cat-lady-odd and soaringly romantic—Southwest meets Art Deco meets Ugly-Pretty meets parrots—but the reason this photograph is notable to me is because it captures the exact moment I decided to quit my job, leave New York, and move to Los Angeles.

I didn’t know I was being photographed, but I do know at that moment, walking through Mary Colter’s lobby, I was experiencing a sudden and profound shift in my internal tide. It’s the moment I started turning the cruise ship around and two years later, set on my correct course, I’m grateful to have a photograph of it. Thank you, Andrew, for that.


I know there is no contact information on this website — which might be considered a requisite for websites generally. Not this one. I have decided this one is meant to be more of a record, for myself and any interested parties, namely my parents and close friends. I’ve owned rammypark.com for almost fifteen years now. I like both the accumulation of time and life experience that duration represents—so I’m working on making this domain reflect that as well. I want this to be a place where I can write about my work, share stories about my life, lob thoughts into ether. Whatever I want, essentially.

And what I don’t want is email. Because, even when the contact option existed, which it did for years, NAY, a decade—I never ever, okay, maybe once, but on the whole, VERY RARELY responded. It isn’t personal. I’m bad at email. VERY BAD. Even with people I love. So people I don’t know? Oh boy. I have accepted this. I hope you can too. Ergo, no contact option. I am fitfully and sporadically and uncertainly on social media if you want to try me there. If your need to get in touch with me is work-related (film/tv/no commercials) than you can reach out to Ava Jamshidi at Industry Entertainment 323-954-9000.