The above photograph was taken inside of Los Angeles’ historic Union Station


Cosmic Latte.

I learned this via APOD, one of my favorite websites—Astronomy Picture of the Day by NASA, with each photo accompanied by a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

A few recent favorites are A Shipwreck at Moonset, Swirls and Colors on Jupiter from Juno and Barnard 150: Seahorse in Cephus.


In the tag of my website (peep leftward), I write “012 on the Internet here.”

If you already know what that means… hello, fellow pager-owning Korean, Korean-American or Korean-ish former teen of the 90s!

If you don’t, here it is: if you say the numbers zero-one-two in Korean it spells 영원히, which also means forever. I have owned this domain name for almost two years now and consider it my Internet home. Thank you for visiting and